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Palais des Vaches  - Group Exhibition

24th March  -  24th September 2023

I am very pleased to show six of my works at Nick and Caroline de Rothschild's iconic gallery Palais des Vaches


The work includes the first public display of the light sculpture My World Too 1 - Rothschild's Moth, 2019. This work was originally commissioned by Lionel de Rothschild and shows a living Rothschild's moth (Rothschildia lebeau inca). It is an edition of only two. See My World Too


Also on display is my portrait of Her Majesty the Queen entitled Felicity-Platinum Queen, first unveiled at 45 Park Lane, the Dorchester, in May 2022, to commemorate the late Queen's platinum jubilee. See Felicity - Platinum Queen


Felicity-Platinum Queen was selected by the Royal Society of the Arts to commemorate the platinum jubilee and was later chosen by the Royal Photographic Society, alongside only ten other portraits from only seven other photographers, to pay tribute to the life of Her Majesty the Queen and their patron of 50 years.

See; RSA

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