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Entropy's Dance

A radiance of energy as the universe dances towards disorder.

Entropy's Dance - Duet

Entropy's dance - dueto, 2022

Entropy's Dance - 2nd

Entropy's dance - segunda, 2022

Entropy's Dance - 5th

Entropy's dance - quinta, 2022

Entropy's Dance - 7th

Entropy's dance - séptimo, 2022

Entropy's Dance - 8th

Entropy's dance - octava, 2022

Entropy's dance at 45 Park Lane, The Dorchester collection, Park Lane, London, 2022

ARTIST STATEMENT: A radiance of energy as the universe dances towards disorder. Entropy is a scientific measure of the disorder of the energy, or simply the ‘stuff’, in a system and in the universe. The ‘second law of thermodynamics’ states that disorder, and hence entropy, always increase with time. It is not possible to reverse this gradual decline of order in the universe. Nature’s ability to produce new lifeforms, or the creation of new objects by human hand, and even life itself, requires the use of and dissipation of energy which speeds up the universe’s decline. Even creating an artwork therefore assists in the gradual transformation of order into chaos! Entropy’s Dance depicts fallen and sun-dried parrot tulip petals which are anthropomorphic pareidolias and represent flamenco dancers. Those that correspond to the official positions of flamenco dance have been chosen and named as such. There is a fleeting moment of time, as the petals dry in the sun, when they take on a more vivid colour and an accentuated three-dimensional form. It is as if the entities themselves are giving up their essence in one last dance with the universe. The medium employed, that of backlit direct UV printed optical quality acrylic, perfectly conveys the intensity of colour and the complexity of form and are radiant in their nature.

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