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The energy contained within a single flower would light a candle for a billion years.


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Naturalium 8 - Heart of Matter
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Birth of a new world
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ARTIST STATEMENT: Everything we know and can sense is made of pure energy. Atoms, that make up substance and thus the reality that we see and feel, are formed from only three discrete components, up quarks, down quarks and electrons. What’s more these three entities are not particles as we have come to think of them, but vibrations in underlying energy fields that fill the entire universe. These vibrations coalesce to become atoms and thus the substance and the reality that we perceive. In other words, objects are made of a fusion of many trillions of little pockets of pure energy created by energy fields that pervade the universe and connect all things together. Naturalium seeks to convey these metaphysical concepts by depicting intentionally simple but dimensionally elegant natural forms contained within and bound by 3D space. Rendered as a large-format, three-dimensional holograms or light sculptures, it is not difficult to imagine each form, and thus all substance, and hence reality itself, as a localised concentration of energy. A single flower contains more than a trillion trillion atoms, and the energy contained within the flower, if harnessed, would light a candle for a billion years. All the flowers I shoot are grown my me and some have taken as long as five years to bloom. They are recorded just after blooming when they are at their most vital, as living entities.

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