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6th May 2022 - 24th June 2022

‘The exhibition at 45 Park Lane of the work of Robert Munday is one of the most striking and innovative displays of contemporary art in London’ - Catherine Simpson'

PRESENCE was a solo exhibition by Rob Munday at 45 Park Lane, London, part of the Dorchester Collection of hotels and one of the most respected art venues in London. It included Rob's portraits of  Her Majesty the Queen, the series Entropy's Dance, the series Naturalium and the portraits of Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Giancarlo Giametti, and Angelina Jolie. This extraordinary exhibition was described by the hotel management as the best they had ever had and described in the press as a 'must-see' in London. It was followed by the exhibitions of artist Sir Peter Blake and photographer David Bailey CBE.

Presence 2.JPG
Rob and Felicity 2 © David Parry PA Wire.jpg
Rob and Felicity 1 © David Parry PA Wire.jpg
Rob and Felicity 3 © David Parry PA Wire.jpg
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