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Rob Munday
Rob Munday has been at the forefront of three-dimensional imaging and holography since 1981. As an artist he recorded the first ever official holographic portrait of Her Majesty the Queen and exhibits his work in galleries throughout the world. As a technical innovator he has pioneered the development of digital holography and its use for the production of commercial holograms worldwide and as an entrepreneur he has founded several 3D imaging businesses.

In 2005 he was awarded the Saxby Medal, the Royal Photographic Society's prestigious international award for creative and technical achievement in the field of three-dimensional imaging and holography. In 2012 his portrait of the Queen appeared on the front cover of TIME magazine.

The late Professor Emmett Leith. co-inventor of the hologram and avid collector of Munday's work said of his holograms 'they are amongst the most outstanding of their kind in the world'.

Rob Munday is represented by Willy Camden and Emma Carlsen
A holographer is rare breed, a modern day artisan who melds science, craft and culture to create works of contempory art'
Dr. Sean F. Johnston, Author of Holographic Visions
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January 2015
Rob works with Toronto based company Holographic Tiles Inc. to design and create the world's first range of holographic glass tiles for high end interior design and architectural applications.
June 2014
In 2013 Rob was commissioned to shoot a life sized 3D lenticular portrait of distinguished USA historian and archivist Dr Edward Papenfuse for the Maryland State Archives. It was unveiled on the 5th June 2014 at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore. CLICK HERE
November 2013
Rob shoots an animated 3D film of a stunning Astron Martin inspired diamond ring for world famous jeweler John Callieja. The film will be shown on an Alioscopy 'glasses free' 3D display in London's prestigious Aston Martin show room, Park Lane and also in the Callieja boutique, Old Bond Street.
October 2013
Rob shows the world's first 24 carat gold holographic portrait miniature of Her Majesty the Queen at the Royal Miniature Society's prestigious annual exhibition in the Mall Galleries, London. CLICK HERE
September 2013

Equanimity takes pride of place at the National Portrait Gallery in 2013. CLICK HERE

August 2013
In celebration of The WHO's 50th anniversary Rob creates a unique lenticular portrait and stereoscopic image of The Who's late drummer Keith Moon using a newly devised process. Rob also recorded a replica of Keith Moon's iconic drum kit Pictures of Lily, probably the most famous drum kit in the world. CLICK HERE
July 3013
Rob shoots 3D films of some of the world's leading brands of watches and leather goods for display on the worlds first portrait format UHD (4K) glasses free 3D advertising system. Clients include Mont Blanc, Bremont and Mulberry.
May 2013
Rob creates a lenticular version of his 1997 iconic portrait of Liam Gallagher. CLICK HERE
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